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New Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

New Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2016
Competition in 2016 even more attractive many factories of various brands of cars issued a flagship one of which is from Mitsubishi, manufacturer Mitsubishi Motor Corporation has officially launched its flagship the latest car-based SUV New Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2016 which has recently been introduced to the market in Australia. Japanese car assembly will be a mainstay of Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Outlander Sport the first time following the event New York Show 2015. And for the country Australia has offered many interesting variants are priced ranging 273 million to 446 million dollars.

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Several variants are offered in Australia is the LS 2WD MT, 2WS LS CVT, 2WD CVT XLS, XLS 4WD CVT, CVT Exceed 4WD, 4WD and XLS 4WD 6AT DiD and most superior is Exceed DID 6AT. Problems advantages and disadvantages of its features are priced depending on the price, considering the usual one who better but is clearly visible terbarulah generation that features the more sophisticated and seductive than laimmya proportional to its price, Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2016 using diesel and gasoline engines automatic and manual transmissions and drive systems not escape two or four wheels so more economical, comfortable, smooth and environmentally friendly.

The price of the 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is quite low but the standard version is equipped with various advanced features and modern LED technology DRL is located on the main light so that the light is even brighter and issued no rebound effect and did not escape as the security of the rider is behind us LED rear lights are also fitted to add style to the car uses new wheels measure 18 as well as cabin space in Desai using Eco Mode, cruise control, folding 60/40 rear seats, climate control, HAS, tilt and telescopic steering, immobilizer security feature, alarm and seven airbags as standard systems. This is still nothing compared to the higher variant cars fuller features and models.

Mitsubishi Outlander XLS Sport variants there are additional paired in this car is a navigation system that uses a touch screen, lights and wiper that can be run automatically, the rearview mirror is also automatic, dual zone climate control, digital radio and many others.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Exceed is the highest feature that looks elegant and luxurious because modern technology installed in dalamnyya such as leather upholstery, a new sunroof, one-touch start, power tailgate, smart key, LED headlights, cruise control, headlight washer and features lainnya.Mobil SUV inbi is already marketed in Australia but there has been no news of whether will be marketed in Indonesia wrote hopefully in the near future no word yes ..

Indonesia this car will be a rival of car brands Honda and Nissan, but quiet car Honda, Nissan and Mitsubishi already proven its quality is up to the applicants because people have individual taste.
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