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Prices and Specifications Recent New Honda Jazz / Fit Shuttle

Honda Jazz Fit Shuttle. Manufacturer Honda has recently launched the latest version of the MPV in sapa Honda Fit Shuttle, but the Jazz Shuttle's new Sakura Negri marketed in Japan but also there is the possibility marketed in the country of residence of other countries, including Indonesia, of course. If it was in Indonesia many requests Honda Shuttle will definitely paved in Indonesia.
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Prices and Specifications Recent New Honda Jazz / Fit Shuttle

New Honda Jazz Shuttle dressed cool and supported by sophisticated technology in dalammya and has its own advantages in the car Honda Jazz Shuttle, 2015. Examples are on the headlights already installed with LED DRL lights, while the grille is also designed to be the more cool exact comparison hatchback version and do not forget to add kekerenannya Shuttle uses 16-inch alloy wheels add to the appearance becomes more attractive.

Specifications New Honda Fit Shuttle
Interior ---- New Fit Shuttle has a very elegant design, in the middle of the Dashboard screen monitors are useful for displaying information and interegasi map directions, at the speedometer also appear more clearly visible despite being in the dark places, and in This section combines predominantly black and brown them on the leather upholstery, dashboard, door trim and so forth.

Machine ---- On the New Honda Jazz Shuttle engine has a capacity of 1.5 liter direct-injection engine i-VTEC DOHC engine that can produce power up to 130 hp and paired well with the CVT transmission. In addition there are also hybrid sports engine variants with i-DCD technology backed Arkinson engine 1.5 liter i-VTEC engine and electric motors and can achieve power up to 135 hp. New Honda Fitt Shuttle also fairly economical, reaching 34 km / liter.

---- Fit Shuttle dimension has a long dimension of 4400 mm x width 1695 mm and height of 1,545 mm is suitable for traveling family or used in daily activities.
Try to look carefully, the New Fit Shuttle glance very similar to the Honda Mobillio located in India or Indonesia, but there perbedaanyya that is on the grill and headlamp that is more futuristic. But the shortage Honda New Fit Shuttle is on the chair that only accommodate 5 people only when the average car MPV accommodate 7 people.

But do not worry this car has a spacious luggage space which can accommodate up to 550 liters and can be increased to 1,131 liters when the second row seats folded. Fit the shuttle appear more attractive with FWD and AWD drive system.

Price Honda New Fit / Jazz Shuttle

Manufacturer Honda introduced in Japan premises membandro 1.69-2.542 million yen price if dirupiahkan cost about Rp 183 million to Rp 276 million. That price in Japan but when entering Indonesia it is definitely more expensive due to taxes still apply.
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